Selahattin Kuru

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  • B Demircio˘ Glu, S Kuru, M Onder, A Verçin
  • 2002
As an extension of the intertwining operator idea, an algebraic method which provides a link between supersymmetric quantum mechanics and quantum (super)integrability is introduced. By realization of the method in two dimensions , two infinite families of superintegrable and isospectral stationary potentials are generated. The method makes it possible to(More)
The rise of social software poses the challenges to the design and evaluation of a pedagogically sound online learning environment (OLE). Our OLE addresses these challenges by the integration of three pedagogical concepts - cross-cultural collaboration, self-directed learning and social networking - with the aim to advance participants' competencies and by(More)
A class of quantum superintegrable Hamiltonians defined on a two-dimensional hyperboloid is considered together with a set of intertwining operators connecting them. It is shown that such intertwining operators close a su(2, 1) Lie algebra and determine the Hamiltonians through the Casimir operators. By means of discrete symmetries a broader set of(More)
This report discuss Problem-Based and Project-Based Learning (PBL) as an approach to meeting the demand for the educational requirements of the next generation engineering graduates. The report is prepared as the final report of the Special Interest Group (SIG) B5 of the Erasmus Thematic Network Project TREE (Teaching and Research in Engineering Education)(More)
Using available Troubleshooting Manuals, Mean Time Between Failure data, and the Maintenance Record of each aircraft the troubleshooting process of an Airbus A-310 is being automated by implementing an expert system (TSE_310). Starting off with the basic troubleshooting tree in the Troubleshooting Manual the program uses Last Removal Date and Mean Time(More)