Selahattin Kuru

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  • B Demircio˘ Glu, S Kuru, M Onder, A Verçin
  • 2002
As an extension of the intertwining operator idea, an algebraic method which provides a link between supersymmetric quantum mechanics and quantum (super)integrability is introduced. By realization of the method in two dimensions , two infinite families of superintegrable and isospectral stationary potentials are generated. The method makes it possible to(More)
A class of quantum superintegrable Hamiltonians defined on a two-dimensional hyperboloid is considered together with a set of intertwining operators connecting them. It is shown that such intertwining operators close a su(2, 1) Lie algebra and determine the Hamiltonians through the Casimir operators. By means of discrete symmetries a broader set of(More)
The rise of social software poses the challenges to the design and evaluation of a pedagogically sound online learning environment (OLE). Our OLE addresses these challenges by the integration of three pedagogical concepts - cross-cultural collaboration, self-directed learning and social networking - with the aim to advance participants' competencies and by(More)