Selçuk Bilir

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BACKGROUND Noncancer pain and cognitive impairment affect many older adults and each is associated with functional disability, but their combined impact has yet to be rigorously studied. METHODS This is a cross-sectional analysis of the Canadian Study of Health and Aging. Pain was collapsed from a 5-point to a dichotomous scale (no and very mild vs(More)
We investigated the development of astronomy and astrophysics research productivity in Turkey in terms of publication output and their impacts as reflected in the science citation index for the period 1980–2010. Our study involves 838 refereed publications, including 801 articles, 16 letters, 15 reviews, and six research notes. The number of papers were(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the impact of race/ethnicity on the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) among blacks, Hispanics, and whites. METHODS We used the Sinai Urban Health Institute's Improving Community Health Survey dataset to measure physical and mental HRQOL using the Physical Component Score (PCS-12) and(More)
We propose a new performance indicator to evaluate the productivity of research institutions by their disseminated scientific papers. The new quality measure includes two principle components: the normalized impact factor of the journal in which paper was published, and the number of citations received per year since it was published. In both components,(More)
The spatial distribution, galactic model parameters and luminosity function of cataclysmic variables (CVs) in the solar neighbourhood have been determined from a carefully established sample of 459 CVs. The sample contains all of the CVs with distances computed from the Period-Luminosity-Colours (PLCs) relation of CVs which has been recently derived and(More)
6568 Background: With increasing need for efficient resource allocation, attention is turning to evidence-based decision making and cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA). Policy decisions depend on quality-adjusted outcomes from such analyses. Even small variations in the health state utilities used to quality adjust can have considerable effects, yet measuring(More)
The period histograms of eclipsing binaries generated with ASAS data cannot only be interpreted by orbital evolution. The eclipse probabilities, selection effects and space distributions in the solar neighborhood should be considered before any interpretations are made. Depending upon physical dimensions (total mass and period) of the progenitor stars and(More)
The kinematics of 129 W UMa binaries is studied and its implications on the contact binary evolution is discussed. The sample is found to be heterogeneous in the velocity space that kinematically younger and older contact binaries exist in the sample. Kinematically young (0.5 Gyr) sub-sample (MG) is formed by selecting the systems which are satisfying the(More)
BACKGROUND Variations in health state utilities can impact cost-effectiveness analyses. One potential source of error is when joint health state (JS) utilities are rated higher than the embedded single state (SS) utilities. Knowing when and in whom this occurs can improve cost-effectiveness analyses. METHODS Men (n = 323) were surveyed at the time of(More)
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