Selçuk Berber

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The genetic differentiation among Turkish populations of the narrow-clawed crayfish was investigated using a partial sequence of cytochrome oxidase subunit I gene (585 bp) of 183 specimens from 17 different crayfish populations. Median joining network and all phylogenetic analyses disclosed a strong haplotype structure with three prominent clades diverged(More)
As one of the members of the economic crustaceans; the freshwater lobsters or as they are commonly known as crayfish in Turkey, belong to the Decapoda order of Crustacea class from the phylum of Arthropoda. The freshwater lobsters, which have over 640 species in the world, are generally distributed to the continents of America and Australia. Although the(More)
Turkey has, with geographic location including Istanbul and Çanakkale straits the system, 178,000 km in length streams, 906,000 ha of natural lakes, and 411,800 ha of dam lakes, and 28,000 ha of ponds due to richness inland waters which include freshwater fish. The fingerling fish (fry) were restocked approximately 250,000,000 in natural lakes, dam lakes(More)
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