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Evaluation of the effectiveness of the bulk thermal stresses for kraft recovery boiler fireside deposit cleaning
Removal of fireside deposits from the heat transfer tubes in kraft recovery boilers is carried out by sootblowing and occasionally "chill-and-blow" practices. During chill-and-blow, black liquor flowExpand
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Thermal shock behaviour of α:β-SiAlON–TiN composites
Abstract α:β-SiAlON and 10, 17, and 25 wt% TiN particle reinforced composites were produced by a gas pressure sintering method. The densification behavior, phase and microstructural evolution,Expand
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Production and characterization of a hybrid polymer matrix composite
The aim of this study was to develop low cost hybrid composites with enhanced mechanical properties by the addition of industrial wall tile and glass fiber wastes into epoxy resin. This process notExpand
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Induced superhydrophobic and antimicrobial character of zinc metal modified ceramic wall tile surfaces
Abstract Hydrophobic surfaces are also known to have antimicrobial effect by restricting the adherence of microorganisms. However, ceramic products are produced by high temperature processesExpand
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Moisture effect on physical properties of knotweed (Polygonum cognatum Meissn.) seeds.
In this study, the effects of moisture content on some of physical properties (seed dimension, geometric mean diameter, individual seed weight, sphericity, thousand-seed, weight, bulk and trueExpand
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The effect of silicon nitride powder characteristics on SiAlON microstructures, densification and phase assemblage
Abstract The surface characteristics, particle size distribution and impurities of starting Si 3 N 4 powders exert a very significant influence on the microstructure of sintered silicon nitride basedExpand
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Paleosol and dolocrete associated clay mineral occurrences in siliciclastic red sediments of the Late Miocene Kömişini Formation of the Tuzgölü basin in central Turkey
Abstract The Late Miocene was characterized by high global temperatures and partly to nearly complete desiccation of the Mediterranean Sea throughout the latter part of the Messinian age (theExpand
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Kayısı Üreticilerinin Yabancı Otlar ve İdareleri Konusunda Bilgi Düzeylerinin Belirlenmesi
Turkiye’nin en onemli ihracat urunlerinden birisi olan kayisinin uretim merkezi konumunda olan Malatya ilinde yapilan calismada, uretimin yogun oldugu 5 ilcede toplam 50 ureticiden anket yolu ileExpand
Microstructural and phase analyses of corroded frit furnace refractories forming the side walls and the bottom of an industrial frit furnace is reported in this study. Reflected light opticalExpand
Biocidal antimicrobial molecular barrier (BAMB) solutions are known to provide antimicrobial effect on the surfaces in industrial applications. However, there has been a lack of scientific reportsExpand
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