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After the Rebellion: Black Youth, Social Movement Activism, and the Post-Civil Rights Generation
Acknowledgments Abbreviations of Organizations and Initiatives Introduction Part I 1 Movement Activism and the Post-Civil Rights Generation 2 The World beyond the Campus 3 From Civil Rights toExpand
African Americans and Obama’s Domestic Policy Agenda: A Closer Look at Deracialization, the Federal Stimulus Bill, and the Affordable Care Act
To assess President Obama's deracialized agenda-setting strategy, this article draws from two Gallup Organization polls and a 2010 survey of political behaviors and racial attitudes by the UniversityExpand
The Politics of Race, Administrative Appeals, and Medicaid Disenrollment in Tennessee
In 2004, Democratic Governor Philip Bredesen of Tennessee announced a plan to reform TennCare, the state’s Medicaid program. The reform package proposed to remove 323,000 adults from the program,Expand
Conflicts in the Coalition: Challenges to Black and Latino Political Alliances
With the ascendancy of single-issue elections in many states, citizens have turned to voter initiatives rather than representative institutions (legislatures) to influence the debate over salientExpand
Reclaiming Our Youth
Social Capital and Racial Animus During the Obama Years
For many African Americans, Barack Obama’s presidential victory in 2008 was a remarkable step towards a racially, tolerant society. Yet for others, the withering attack on Obama’s religious faith andExpand
Obama's Universal Voting Coalition and Presidential Policy: The Impact of Deracialized Campaigns on Presidential Policy Implementation
The historic administration of Barack Obama faces unprecedented challenges. Obama’s presidential campaign focused on a race-neutral, web-based message of change that built an unbeatable coalition ofExpand
The Boundaries of Racial Politics in Tennessee: The Legislative Behavior of Tennessee's Black Lawmakers, 2001-2013
Despite Tennessee’s history of political moderation, it experienced a pronounced shift to the right in recent years. For example, the Republican Party won Tennessee in the last four presidentialExpand