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We present HaptoMime, a mid-air interaction system that allows users to touch a floating virtual screen with hands-free tactile feedback. Floating images formed by tailored light beams are inherently lacking in tactile feedback. Here we propose a method to superpose hands-free tactile feedback on such a floating image using ultrasound. By tracking a(More)
In this paper we propose a system that superposes a haptic sensation on a mid-air floating image based on ultrasonic standing waves. Conventional approaches of using airborne traveling ultrasounds could only apply weak pressure to the finger surface from a certain angle and thus a limited haptic sensation. Also, the ultrasounds generated air flow as a(More)
A method to present volumetric haptic objects in the air using spatial modulation of ultrasound is proposed. Previous methods of airborne ultrasonic tactile display were based on vibrotactile radiation pressure and sensor feedback systems, which result in low spatial receptive resolution. The proposed approach produces a spatially standing haptic image(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel interactive system that mutually copies adjacent 3D environments optically and physically. The system realizes mutual user interactions through haptics without wearing any devices. A realistic volumetric image is displayed using a pair of micro-mirror array plates (MMAPs). The MMAP transmissively reflects the rays from an(More)
In this paper, we propose a method to render ultrasound pressure distribution in an inhomogeneous field by surrounding phased array especially for the purpose of invoking tactile sensation to human skins. Our previous work showed that ultrasound stationary radiation force can invoke tactile sensation for user’s finger in 3D cavity which is surrounded by(More)
In this paper, we propose a system to generate aerial virtual spheres which invokes tactile sensation and is omni-directionally pinchable. The acoustic radiation force of ultrasound stationary waves is known in the field of non-contact micro manipulation. This force applied to a small object in the stationary wave is in proportion to the gradient of the(More)
We demonstrate a system which enables users with bare hands and naked eyes to tactually interact with midair three-dimensional objects. The displayed midair images are three-dimensional and can be seen and touched from multiple angles. By creating neatly controlled and designed ultrasound fields, our system can create rich tactile textures added onto them(More)