Sekharjit Datta

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In this paper we propose a filter bank structure derived by using admissible wavelet packet transform. These filters have Mel scale spacing and have an advantage of easy implementation with higher resolution in time-frequency domain because of wavelet transform. The features are obtained by first calculating the energy in each filter band and then applying(More)
With rapid growth in computer network and information technology, a large number of copyrighted works now exist digitally as a computer files, and electronic publishing is becoming more popular. These improvements in computer technology increase the problems associated with copyright enforcement and thus future developments of networked multimedia systems(More)
This paper presents a new approach for large vocabulary Arabic speech recognition based on exploiting the morphological structures of the Arabic language. In this model, word discrimination is achieved by a hybrid analysis scheme, where vowels are described in detail while consonants are classifi ed according to broad phonetic classes. Different phonetic(More)