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Ad-Hoc network is the ultimate solution for mobile (movable) user's network. Now a day the huge growth of mobile users in network, so such infrastructure less (MANET) network are needed. Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of mobile device, multi hop and self configured network. In this infrastructure less (MANET) network the routing is a(More)
Now days in higher learning program, the academic community facing some issues regarding monitor and analyzing the progress of student's academic performance. In the real world, predicting the performance of the students is a challenging task. Currently they are using cluster analysis for analyzing the students' results and using statistical algorithms to(More)
This paper presents a novel priority based data mining algorithm using improved K-means clustering for detecting proteins sequence from dataset of frequent item set. The priorities are set depending on the number of hits (counts) from the dataset concurrently using the concept of multiprocessing. Which dynamically changing for a period of time series, a(More)
One of the second leading causes of death for women is the breast cancer, which acts as serious threat to the woman society as the change of climate, urbanization and adoption of fast food culture that increases the occurrence of breast cancer in modern age. The techniques that are available in data mining provide a meaningful contribution to the field of(More)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is playing a very crucial role in tracking objects and their location, individuals, for the purpose of identification. The RFID system is an emerging technology widely used in various fields including the circulation, military affairs, health care, medicine etc. In this technology a RFID tag is attached to a(More)
The goal of inventing new software metric for SQA is to analyze the brilliance of the software. Certifying the proposed metric as valid should also be considered as equal to the invention since it describes how good the proposed metric is, how it could be practically implemented, and how useful is it for the technical fraternity and so on. This work is(More)
As the enormous growth of information challenges the existing string analysis techniques for processing huge volume of data, there always seem to be a hope for newer inventions. Moreover, the problems encountered with the traditional methods such as low pruning power, increased false positives and poor scalability should be addressed with the appropriate(More)
Maintainability of the software is one of the key quality while evaluating software product. Of the overall software development cost, major stake is employed at the maintenance phase. Maintenance time of software is always greater than its development time, so it becomes essential to measure the maintainability of software so that maintenance operational(More)