Sekai Iwama

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An excellent chiral symmetry-breaking spontaneous enantiomeric resolution phenomenon, denoted preferential enrichment, was observed on recrystallization of the 1:1 cocrystal of dl-arginine and fumaric acid, which is classified as a racemic compound crystal with a high eutectic ee value (>95 %), under non-equilibrium crystallization conditions. On the basis(More)
We report the mechanism and scope of “preferential enrichment”, which is an unusual symmetry-breaking enantiomeric resolution phenomenon that is initiated by the solvent-assisted solid-to-solid transformation of a metastable polymorphic form into a thermodynamically stable one during crystallization from the supersaturated solution of certain kinds of(More)
Nearly racemic ketoprofen, which satisfies the requirements for the occurrence of preferential enrichment, was spontaneously resolved into the two enantiomers by simple crystallization under nonequilibrium conditions using high concentrations.
By utilizing the preferential enrichment (PE) technique, we achieved an improved enantiomeric resolution of DL-leucine (Leu) using a 1:1 cocrystal (DL-) of DL-Leu and oxalic acid. The crystal structure analysis of DL- indicated the occurrence of a novel type of phase transition and subsequent preferential redissolution of one enantiomer from the resulting(More)
The kinetic/thermodynamic origin of preferential enrichment (PE), which is a spontaneous enantiomeric resolution phenomenon applicable to racemic crystals, is described. The mechanism of PE, which was unveiled with respect to the first-generation of chiral organic compounds showing PE, has been interpreted in terms of a nonlinear complexity phenomenon(More)
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