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Understanding outage and failure characteristics of a network is important to assess the availability of the network, determine failure source for trouble-shooting, and identify weak areas for network availability improvement. However, there has been virtually no failure measurement and analysis on access networks. In this paper, we carry out an in-depth(More)
We propose Adaptive Geo-Source Multicast Routing (AGSMR) for WSNs. It addresses the scalability issue of previous location based stateless multicast protocols in WSNs. AGSMR is a novel stateless mul-ticast protocol that optimizes the location-based and source-based mul-ticast approaches in various ways. First, it saves the cost of a tree building by using(More)
Software-Defined Network (SDN) enables agile network traffic control and configuration as well as shortens the network function deployment time. Despite the projected benefits of SDN, the abstractions toward the remote and centralized control tend to impose excessive control traffic overhead in order for the controller to acquire the global network(More)
Traffic and resource monitoring is the essential function for large-scale enterprises, service providers, and network operators to ensure reliability, availability, and security of their resources. For this reason, many large-scale enterprises and providers have been investing in various standalone dedicated monitoring solutions. However, they find the cost(More)
The fast growing popularity of smartphones and tablets enables us the use of various intelligent mobile applications. As many of those applications require position information, a smart mobile device provides positioning methods such as GPS, WiFi, or Cell-ID based positioning services. However, those positioning methods have different characteristics of(More)