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This paper proposes a DNS Name Autoconfiguration (called DNSNA) for not only the global DNS names, but also the local DNS names of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Since there exist so many devices in the IoT environments, it is inefficient to manually configure the Domain Name System (DNS) names of such IoT devices. By this scheme, the DNS names of IoT(More)
This paper proposes an auto configuration scheme for DNS names of home network devices. By this scheme, the DNS name of a home network device can be auto configured with the devices category and model in a home network. This DNS name lets home residents easily identify each device for monitoring and remote-controlling it in a home network.
In this paper, we propose a spatio-temporal coordination-based media access control (STMAC) protocol for efficiently sharing driving safety information in urban vehicular networks. STMAC exploits a unique spatio-temporal feature characterized from a geometric relation among vehicles to form a line-of-collision graph, which shows the relationship among(More)
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