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Hypothesis Hypothesis1: Trust is positively related to empathy in patient online communities (POC). Hypothesis2: Social identity is positively related to expressions of empathy within patient online communities. Hypothesis 3: Development of shared social identity is positively related to the likelihood that an individual will share personal knowledge or(More)
This study investigates consumers' use of online health communities (OHCs) for healthcare from a relationship building perspective based on the commitment-trust theory of relationships. The study proposes that perspective taking, empathic concern, self-efficacy, and network density affect the development of both cognitive and affective trust, which together(More)
This study investigates how social capital influences knowledge creation in online health communities (OHCs), based on social capital theory. The study proposes that three social capital dimensions, namely trust, shared language, and network density, affect OHC members’ externalization and combination of knowledge creation, and that these in turn lead to(More)
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