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OBJECTIVES To compare two different distal sensor flexible endoscopes with standard fiberoptic cystoscopes for optical resolution. Distal video sensor flexible endoscopy may represent the cusp of a new endoscopic revolution. METHODS Twenty-three participants evaluated the optical resolution capabilities of six flexible cystoscopes. The two presently(More)
INTRODUCTION Preservation and restoration of erectile function after radical prostatectomy (RP) for prostate cancer has been extensively studied. However, the influence of RP on the sexual function of female partners is poorly understood. AIM The purpose of this retrospective study is to assess sexuality in men who have undergone RP for prostate cancer(More)
PURPOSE Social and personal biases are thought to have a role in the decision to circumcise newborns. However, economic factors such as the type of health care coverage may determine which parents are offered circumcision during the newborn period. Therefore, we examined the rates of newborn circumcision among patients with and without insurance at a(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate novel, 17-gauge cryoprobes with a modified heat exchange mechanism to evaluate the area of ablation that could be achieved with 17-gauge (1.47-mm) cryoprobes. METHODS Eleven pigs were divided into four groups. Each animal underwent laparoscopic creation of three cryolesions with an ellipical iceball-generating 17-gauge cryoprobe(More)
PURPOSE To establish the feasibility of single-surgeon laparoscopy with application of a novel endoscope-holder device and to compare this technique with traditional assistant-driven laparoscopic camera control. MATERIALS AND METHODS Bilateral simple nephrectomies were performed in six pigs. On one side, the operating surgeon employed the "scope holder"(More)
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