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A chiral tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) dimer bridged by an allene framework (1) was synthesized. An X-ray analysis of 1 revealed an effective conjugation between TTF and the allene backbone. Allene 1 was resolved into both enantiomers, which showed strong chiroptical electrochromic properties. Absolute configuration of the allene was validated by theoretical(More)
Dissymmetric 1,3-diphenylallene derivative 3 connected with 4,5-bis(methyl-thio)tetrathiafulvalenyl and 1-pyrenyl substituents was prepared and characterized. The molecular structure was determined by X-ray crystallographic analysis. Optical resolution was accomplished using a recycling chiral HPLC, and its chiroptical properties were examined with optical(More)
A novel tetrathiafulvalene dimer, bridged by a chiral 1,3-diphenylallene framework, has been prepared as an optically active compound having strong chiroptical properties. Although a chiral allene bearing strong electron-donating group(s) often undergoes slow photoracemization even in daylight, the present allene is totally configurationally stable under(More)
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