Seishirou Inaba

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OBJECTIVE A glycosylated transmembrane protein, CD147, has been implicated in regulating lymphocyte responsiveness and leukocyte recruitment. As lupus nephritis (LN) often follows a relapsing-remitting disease course, accurate understanding of the disease activity would be extremely helpful in improving prognosis. Unfortunately, neither clinical nor(More)
Trousseau's syndrome is a coagulation disorder occurring in cancer patients. In the present study, we report our experience regarding the pathophysiology and treatment strategies of this syndrome that is caused by CA19-9-producing gastric cancer during long term chemotherapy. A 60s male presented to our clinic; he was found to have a high level of CA19-9.(More)
Although esophageal reconstruction using the stomach is common in surgery for esophageal cancer, this procedure sometimes results in delayed gastric emptying and reflux. This is a case report of reoperation for intractable obstruction of the stomach after initial esophageal surgery in a 59-year-old man. The obstruction was resistant to conservative(More)
Large sheet-type surgical materials (e.g., absorbable hemostat, adhesion barrier membranes, and flat surgical mesh) are difficult to introduce into a corporeal cavity using a 5-mm trocar; however, laparoscopic surgeries that use mainly 5-mm trocars are increasing. Furthermore, it is necessary not only to introduce but also to secure the applied surgical(More)
This is a case report of gastric cancer with a tumor embolus in the portal vein of a 76-year-old male. Both computed tomography (CT) and upper gastrointestinal endoscopy were performed. The diagnosis was gastric cancer with an accompanying tumor embolus in the portal vein, specifically in the superior mesenteric vein. After neoadjuvant chemotherapy, a(More)
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