Seishiro Furukawa

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Furukawa and Moore [S. Furukawa and B. C. J. Moore, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 100, 2299-2312 (1996)] found that the detection of frequency modulation (FM) imposed on two inharmonically related carriers was better when the FM was coherent across carriers than when it was incoherent. Here, "coherence" refers to whether the pattern of frequency change over time was(More)
This study investigated how well listeners combine information about frequency changes imposed on different carrier frequencies. The pattern of frequency change over time was either identical or different across carriers; this is referred to as "coherence." Psychometric functions were measured for the detection of frequency modulation (FM) imposed on two(More)
Environmental changes influence foraging behavior for most animals. Dolphinfish, Coryphaena hippurus, are epipelagic predators and have a cosmopolitan tropical to warm-temperate (>20°C) distribution. We simultaneously obtained the ambient temperature and the foraging behavior (i.e., swimming speed, depth and tailbeat acceleration) of dolphinfish, using an(More)
This study examined how effectively information about amplitude modulation (AM) on two carriers is combined, and whether the detection of AM depends on the relative phase of the AM across carriers. Psychometric functions were measured for detecting 5-Hz sinusoidal AM of carriers with frequencies 1100 and 1925 Hz, with a mean level 65 dB SPL for each(More)
The growth and reproductive characteristics of dolphinfish Coryphaena hippurus collected in the waters off western Kyushu from May 2008 to April 2011 were determined based on scale and otolith readings and gonad histological examinations, respectively. Based on annual increments in scales and daily increments in sagittal otoliths, the von Bertalanffy growth(More)
Although archival tags have been deployed in Thunnus since the early 1990s, few studies have placed such loggers on the small-size growth stage. In this study, Pacific bluefin tuna (PBT, Thunnus orientalis) 20–26.5 cm in fork length (FL) were fitted with archival tags and released off the southern coastal area of Japan from July to August in 2012, 2013, and(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations have been carried out in order to investigate the adsorption and permeation phenomena of butane isomers through ZSM-5 membranes. Using the VT ensemble configurational-bias Monte Carlo technique, we are able to determine the preferred locations of the butane isomers in the ZSM-5 channels. In permeation simulations, using the VT(More)
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