Seikyung Jung

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Search sessions consist of a person presenting a query to a search engine, followed by that person examining the search results, selecting some of those search results for further review, possibly following some series of hyperlinks, and perhaps backtracking to previously viewed pages in the session. The series of pages selected for viewing in a search(More)
Today's university library has many digitally accessible resources, both indexes to content and considerable original content. Using off-the-shelf search technology provides a single point of access into library resources, but we have found that such full-text indexing technology is not entirely satisfactory for library searching. In response to this, we(More)
At Oregon State University (OSU), the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and the OSU Libraries are working together on a project to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of digital information created and collected by academic libraries. This project focuses on making digital resources more accessible through an innovative(More)
This paper presents the SERF (System for Electronic Recommendation Filtering) which is a collaborative filtering system that recommends context-sensitive, high-quality information sources for document search. Collaborative filtering systems remove the limitation of traditional content-based search by using individual's ratings to evaluate and recommend(More)
The authors describe several methods they had used in an attempt to lessen the frustration of entry-level CS1 students as they learn to code. The suggested method is to use a specially designed library of code "snippets" of the control structures in the language. The work describes the process by which students copy and mechanically modify the snippets. The(More)
This paper describes how to engage actively students in web information retrieval and filtering course using open source programming. To teach this course, I utilized hands-on lab projects from various open source projects including the Galago search engine. Projects included, but were not limited to, implementing information retrieval (IR) algorithms,(More)
In this demo, we will present two prototypes of digital information portals developed using a new common framework: The High Performance Computing Virtual Consultant and the Tsunami Digital Library. This framework supports the creation of digital library portals that include not only local data but distributed content that is not under the control of the(More)
Can collaborative filtering be successfully applied to digital libraries in a manner that improves the effectiveness of the library? Collaborative filtering systems remove the limitation of traditional content-based search interfaces by using individuals to evaluate and recommend information. We introduce an approach where a digital library user specifies(More)
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