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We describe an on-line dual detection method using HPLC for lipoprotein analysis that allows simultaneous determination of cholesterol and triglyceride profiles from a single injection of sample. Two different gel permeation columns, TSKgel LipopropakXL and Superose 6HR, were applied to the dual detection system, evaluating analytical performance of the(More)
HDL-cholesterol (HDL-C) values measured by precipitation (sodium phosphotungstate-MgCl2) and direct methods were compared with those obtained by HPLC with a new column (TSKgel Lipopropak) and an eluent (TSKeluent LP-1). The HDL-C values determined by the precipitation method were significantly (P <0.001) lower than those by the HPLC method, whereas the(More)
We investigated a family in which some individuals showed extremely high serum leucine aminopeptidase (LAP) (EC activity, mainly derived from a variant CD13. The isoelectric points of the variant and normal CD13 were 3.3 and 4.1, respectively, and both points converged at 4.4 after treatment with neuraminidase, indicating that more sialic acids(More)
BACKGROUND We previously reported a family in which the propositus and both her father and paternal grandmother had high serum aminopeptidase N (CD13; EC activity (autosomal dominant). The molecular mass of the serum CD13 polypeptide of the propositus was larger than that of normal CD13, suggesting either a mutation in the CD13 gene or an(More)
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