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Food habits of fishes in a freshwater reed belt in Lake Kitaura, eastern Japan, in summer
AbstractThe diets and feeding guild structure of a freshwater reed belt fish assemblage (30 species) were examined in Lake Kitaura, part of the Lake Kasumigaura system, eastern Japan, from June toExpand
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Feeding characteristics of the channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus in the littoral zone of Lake Kitaura, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
To ascertain the feeding characteristics of the introduced catfish Ictalurus punctatus, the stomach contents of 268 specimens (14.7-59.1 cm in standard length, SL), collected at night time (19 :30-21Expand
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Habitat use and diet of larvae and juveniles of the goby Tridentiger brevispinis in the profundal and littoral zones in Lake Kitaura, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
The goby Tridentiger brevispinis is a common benthic ˆsh in the lakes and swamps of temperate Japan and is commercially important for local ˆsheries. The distribution, migration and food habits ofExpand
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Comparison of fish assemblage structures between reed stands and bulkheads in Lake Kitaura, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Daytime sampling using a seine net was conducted at Lake Kitaura, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, in April, June and August 2009 and 2010, to determine diŠerences in ˆsh assemblage structures betweenExpand
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Editorial Notes and Announcements
The 50th annual meeting of the Ichthyological Society of Japan (ISJ) will be held at Hokkaido University (http://www2. fish.hokudai.ac.jp/modules/english/content0023.html) in Hakodate City, JapanExpand
Influence of artificial headlands on fish assemblage structure in the surf zone of a sandy beach, Kashimanada Coast, Ibaraki Prefecture, central Japan
To determine the effects of artificial headlands (groins with an anchor-shaped head portion) on the surf-zone fish assemblage structure of a sandy beach with strong wave action, three study sitesExpand
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