Seiji Tokura

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We have developed the person following robot "ApriAttendatrade". This robot can accompany a person using vision based target detection and avoid obstacles with ultrasonic sensors while following the person. The robot first identifies an individual with its image processing system by detecting a person's region and recognizing the registered color and(More)
Current demographics show that Japan is experiencing a combination of an aging population and a declining birth rate. Therefore, interest is growing in the potential of human symbiotic robots such as daily life support robots that can care for the aged and young children. Human symbiotic robots require sophisticated capabilities to achieve symbiosis and(More)
Self-localization is important for mobile robots in order to move accurately, and many works use an omnidirectional camera for self-localization. However, it is difficult to realize fast and accurate self-localization by using only one omnidirectional camera without any calibration. For its realization, we use “tracked scale and rotation invariant(More)