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A full CMOS six-transistor memory cell was fabricated with single-polysilicon, double-metal technology. The channel lengths of n-channel and p-channel transistors are 0.8 μm and 1.2 μm and the cell sizes are 8.5 μm×12.8 μm, respectively. The gate oxide thickness is 200 Å, and the lightly doped drain (LDD)(More)
On March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake, with a magnitude of 9.0, struck in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of northeastern Japan's Tohoku region. It was the fourth-strongest earthquake in recorded history, and triggered a giant tsunami that inflicted enormous damage along Japan's eastern seaboard. In some areas, the tsunami waves topped 15(More)
High frequency switching power converters are widely used because it can miniaturize equipments and it can convert electric power with high efficiency. And new fields of power supply use, such as mobile gear or medical equipments, are being developed. In these switching power converters, pulse width modulation (PWM) technique is widely used up to now. But(More)
For the purpose of reducing noise level, this paper proposes a simple configuration space vector controlled three-phase sinewave inverter employing delta-sigma modulation scheme. To determine the output voltage vector of the inverter, the proposed scheme combines two channel delta-sigma modulators effectively. Comparing to the conventional PWM inverter, it(More)
This paper is concerned with a novel proposal of the utility AC interactive three-phase soft commutation sinewave PWM power conditioner. The prototype of this power conditioner is developed for solar photovoltaic power generation system and parallel processing UPS with new type battery and super capacitor energy storage devices, which is composed of two(More)
In this paper, a novel proposal of the utility-interactive three-phase soft commutation sinewave PWM power conditioner with an auxiliary active resonant DC-link snubber is developed for the fuel cell and the solar power generation systems. The prototype of this power conditioner consists of a PWM boost chopper cascaded three-phase power conditioner, a(More)
A pair of a converter and an inverter is used for AC to AC power conversion as a usual way. But this method uses two power conversion circuits. This means increasing power conversion stage and leads to large size equipments. Moreover, series connection of power converters results in large conversion losses. On the other hand, direct AC-AC converter can(More)
For AC-AC power conversion, a combination of converter and inverter is usually used. But this method increases the power conversion stages, and increasing conversion stage becomes disadvantage in respect of the conversion efficiency. Moreover, using two converters enlarges the equipment and results in a high cost converter. AC-AC direct converter converts(More)
In this paper, a power conditioner that can generate power into the utility from a 10 kW windmill is introduced and developed. This equipment utilized inexpensive diode rectifier plus boost converter in the first stage and V-connection type inverter that has the merit of using high DC voltage in the next stage. The operation of this equipment was verified,(More)
Considering the environmental problem or resource exhaustion problem, high efficiency switching inverters and converters are being used. And high efficiency power supplies can also reduce running costs. In recent years, with realizing high speed switching power devices, high frequency modulated switching inverters or converters appear. On the other hands,(More)