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We have developed a Japanese full-text retrieval system named BREVIDOC * that enables the user to specify an area within a text for abstraction and to control the volume of the abstract interactively. This system analyzes a document structure using linguistic knowledge only and thus is domain-independent. In its text structure analysis, the system(More)
An English-Japanese bi-directional machine translation system was connected to a keyboard conversation function on a workstation, and tested via a satellite link with users in Japan and Switzerland. The set-up is described, and some informal observations on the nature of the bilingual dialogues reported. INTRODUCTION We have been developing an(More)
This paper concerns the treatment, in the context of machine translation, of English complex nominal groups which can be considered as nominalizations of verb phrases. We discuss the fact that many styles of English prose which are suitable for translation by machine typically favor the use of nominal rather than verbal syntagms. But such constructions when(More)
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