Seiji Kimura

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We present the case of a 26 year-old man who developed normally until he began having difficulty walking at age 12. He subsequently became unable to stand at 15 years old and exhibited mental regression and generalized tonic convulsions by age 20. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed incomplete myelination of cerebral white matter, which resembled that of(More)
We report the autopsy case of a 40-year-old woman with severe intellectual and motor disabilities, who showed calcification in the cerebellum and pons but not in the basal ganglia on CT scan, and died of intracranial hemorrhage due to intractable hypertension. At autopsy, numerous calcium deposits were noted in the cerebellar cortex, the dentate nucleus,(More)
An automatic placement algorithm for standard cell and polycell LSI is described, which is constructed on the basis of heuristics for a set of interrelated placement subproblems. The algorithm is incorporated into a hierarchical layout system intended not only for standard cell and polycell LSI but for general cell LSI, by which standard cell and polycell(More)
We reported a 36-year-old man, who suffered from cluster headache (CH) associated with hemicrania continua (HC). The continuous, dull or pressure-type headache appeared on the same side of the CH during the third month of a prolonged cluster period, and fluctuated in the severity of pain. This headache was aggravated when the CH was ameliorated by the(More)
We report on three patients with xeroderma pigmentosum group A (XPA) who showed laryngeal stridor in their 20s. The stridor appeared on feeding and emotional excitation, was exaggerated during respiratory infection and was life-threatening on some occasions. Adduction of the vocal cords during inspiration, observed by laryngoscopy, confirmed laryngeal(More)
A household vehicle transactions model has been developed as a competing risks duration model in this study. The model is developed assuming the following three types of competing risks: replacing one of the vehicles in the household fleet, disposing of one vehicle in the fleet, and acquiring one vehicle to add to the fleet. In addition to the attributes of(More)
Pallister-Killian syndrome (PKS) is a disorder caused by a mosaic tetrasomy of chromosome 12p, which manifests with dysmorphism, intellectual disabilities, auditory disturbance, and epilepsy. Here, we describe the findings of brain magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in two patients with PKS. One patient, a 43-year-old man, showed multiple lesions with high(More)