Seiichiro Ten-no

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It is well known that the convergence of harmonic frequencies with respect to the basis set size in traditional correlated calculations is slow. We now report that the convergence of cubic and quartic force constants in traditional CCSD(T) calculations on H(2)O with Dunning's cc-pVXZ family of basis sets is also frustratingly slow. As an alternative, we(More)
The nudged elastic band (NEB) and string methods are widely used to obtain the reaction path of chemical reactions and phase transitions. In these methods, however, it is difficult to define an accurate Lagrangian to generate the conservative forces. On the other hand, the constrained optimization with locally updated planes (CO-LUP) scheme defines target(More)
An analytic gradient expression is formulated and implemented for the second-order Møller-Plesset perturbation theory (MP2) based on the generalized hybrid orbital QM/MM method. The method enables us to obtain an accurate geometry at a reasonable computational cost. The performance of the method is assessed for various isomers of alanine dipepetide. We also(More)
We recently developed an explicitly correlated method using the transcorrelated Hamiltonian, which is preliminarily parameterized in such a way that the Coulomb repulsion is compensated at short inter-electronic distances. The extra part of the effective Hamiltonian features short-ranged, size-consistent, and state-universal. The localized and frozen nature(More)
We developed novel supramolecular gelators with simple molecular structures that could harden a broad range of solvents: aqueous solutions of a wide pH range, organic solvents, edible oil, biodiesel, and ionic liquids at gelation concentrations of 0.1-2 wt %. The supramolecular gelators were composed of a long hydrophobic tail, amino acids and gluconic(More)
Reversible phosphorylation of proteins is a post-translational modification that regulates diverse biological processes. The molecular mechanism underlying phosphoryl transfer catalyzed by enzymes remains a subject of active debate. In particular, the nature of transition state (TS), whether it has an associative or dissociative character, has been one of(More)
The explicitly correlated approach is one of the most important breakthroughs in ab initio electronic structure theory, providing arguably the most compact, accurate, and efficient ansatz for describing the correlated motion of electrons. Since Hylleraas first used an explicitly correlated wave function for the He atom in 1929, numerous attempts have been(More)
We propose explicitly correlated Ansatz for four-component relativistic methods within the framework of the no-pair approximation. Kinetically balanced geminal basis is derived to satisfy the cusp conditions in the non-relativistic limit based on the Lévy-Leblend-like equation. Relativistic variants of strong-orthogonality projection operator (Ansätze 2α(More)
We implement the minimax approximation for the decomposition of energy denominators in Laplace-transformed Moller-Plesset perturbation theories. The best approximation is defined by minimizing the Chebyshev norm of the quadrature error. The application to the Laplace-transformed second order perturbation theory clearly shows that the present method is much(More)