Seiichiro Morita

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Ground reaction force during walking was measured and analyzed in 58 patients who had been hemiplegic for more than 6 months. Utilizing the impulse (area between a component curve and the baseline) as an assessment value, several parameters were selected to represent the characteristics of each component curve (vertical, fore-aft and lateral) of the ground(More)
The temporal image subtraction technique was applied to bone scintigraphy, using Photoshop (commercially available image processing software) and Morpher (public domain warping software). For the temporal subtraction images, 81 subtraction images (19 cases) were prepared by a method used to subtract the previous images from the current ones. Registration of(More)
Floor reaction force on walking was studied in normal subjects using a large force plate (80 x 400 cm). Relationships between the horizontal components of the floor reaction force and step length and width were analyzed at different walking velocities. The impulses of fore-aft force were closely correlated with step length. Especially, the impulse per unit(More)
The change of gait in stroke patients after gait training or surgery for foot deformity was analyzed according to walking cycle and gait speed and cadence by means of the accelorometer or the large force plate. The results were summarized as follows. Twenty patients receiving gait training. Variation of the stride duration decreased gradually on both sides.(More)
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