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Conventional topic segmentation utilizes <itailic>cosine</italic> measure as the similarity between consecutive passages. However, the <italic>cosine</italic> measure has a problem that it can not reflect the similarity unless exactly the same words are included in the passages. To solve this problem, in this paper, we propose a method to acquire the word(More)
Recently, TV news programs are broadcast from all over the world owing to the broadcast digitization. In this situation, TV viewers want to select and watch the most interesting news. In order to satisfy this requirement, news database has to be constructed which has automatic topic segmentation and retrieval function. In this paper, focusing on topic(More)
TV viewers want to grasp the contents of the news program in a short time due to the increasing number of news channels. Conventional summarization methods based on extraction of the important sentences from each topic included in the news speech is insufficient because the important sentences can not always be extracted from each topic due to unknown topic(More)
The purpose of this study is to automatically extract telop and flip characters. It starts from the extraction of stable frame sections including the telop and flip characters. Next process is the character region extraction and here we propose application of local line density to discriminate the telop characters from other elements such as lines and(More)
In this study, hybrid multi-layered Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH)-type neural network algorithm using principal component-regression analysis is proposed and applied to the computer aided image diagnosis (CAD) of lung cancer. In the GMDH-type neural network, heuristic self-organization method, which is a kind of evolutional computation, is used to(More)
News On Demand System using speech technology usually employs automatic speech transcriptions to retrieve the news data. In the retrieval, users specify a few keywords or sentences as a query and the related news data can be retrieved using the speech transcription. However when users can't give a query clearly, a video shot of news program which users are(More)
Purpose of this study is to automatically segment goods catalog videos into individual goods section and to make it feasible to retrieve them when inquired. In this paper, we propose utilization of video captions superimposed on the video image to identify the goods names and perform the video segmentation. The video OCR software we propose in this paper is(More)
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