Seiichi Suda

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CaCO3 crystallization on a chitosan membrane was studied using diffusion of (NH4)2CO3 vapors into a CaCl2 solution containing differing added amounts of two polyacrylic acids (PAAs) with molecular weights of ca. 2.0 x 10(3) and ca. 4.5 x 10(4). The coexistence of PAA and the chitosan membranes produced thin CaCO3 island crystals, which developed into a(More)
The reactions between ethoxytrimethylsilane and alkali ions were investigated by 29Si NMR to evalu ate the formation of Si-O-M (M: alkali metal) linkage. The difference in the reactions among alkali species was also discussed. The formation of the linkage was influenced by the pH of reaction mixture. The shift of NMR signal to higher magnetic field, which(More)
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