Seiichi Koakutsu

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The genetic algorithm (GA) paradigm is a search procedure for combinatorial optimization problems. Unlike most of other optimization techniques, GA searches the solution space using a population of solutions. Although GA has an excellent global search ability, it is not effective for searching the solution space locally due to crossover-basedsearch, and the(More)
The selfish routing problem is a mathematical model to represent the behavior of the selfish players who select a path in a congested network. In the selfish routing problem, Braess’s paradox shows that there exists a case that more network resources may cause worse traffic performance contrary to expectations. In the previous studies of the selfish routing(More)
In the multi-objective optimization problem that appears naturally in the decision making process for the complex system, the visualization of the innumerable solutions called Pareto optimal solutions is important issue. This study focuses on the Pareto optimal solution visualization method using the self-organizing maps which is one of promising(More)
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