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Recently, inter-vehicle communication services which support safe driving have been attracting significant. CSMA/CA is a representative communication method in inter-vehicle communications. It is necessary to clarify the quality characteristics of inter-vehicle communication in order to achieve driving support. Although there are conventional models for(More)
Vehicle Safety Communications (VSC) have been proposed as part of ITS development to reduce the traffic accidents by providing critical road traffic information beyond driver's view. The system is planned to be implemented on 700MHz band in Japan, and 5.9GHz band in Europe and America. Some applications require the communication in Non-line-of-Sight (NLOS)(More)
SUMMARY Intelligent Transport System (ITS), aiming to provide innovative services related to traffic management, road safety and convenience , has drawn much attention in academic and industrial worlds in recent years. Japan has been considered as an advanced country in ITS development. This paper first gives an overview of the current ITS operated in Japan(More)
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