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— This paper adapts the DIRECT method with a modified termination criterion for global extremum seeking control of multivariable dynamical plants — DIRECT is a sampling type global optimisation method for Lipschitz-continuous functions defined over compact multidimensional domains. Finite-time semi-global practical convergence is established based on a(More)
— The stability of uncertain feedback interconnec-tions of causal time-varying linear systems is studied in terms of a recently established generalisation of the ν-gap metric. In particular, a number of robustness results from the well-known linear time-invariant theory are extended. The time-varying generalisations include: sufficient conditions for robust(More)
— Closed-loop positivity of feedback interconnec-tions of positive monotone nonlinear systems is investigated. It is shown that an instantaneous gain condition on the open-loop systems which implies feedback well-posedness also guarantees feedback positivity. Furthermore, the notion of integral linear constraints (ILC) is utilised as a tool to characterise(More)
— A recent linear time-varying (LTV) generalisation of Vinnicombe's ν-gap measure of the difference between open-loop systems from a closed-loop perspective, is defined in terms of normalised strong representations of system graphs and a Fredholm index constraint on a family of Toeplitz-Wiener-Hopf operators, parametrised by start time. It is shown that the(More)