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Think about it This Way: Attribute Agenda-Setting Function of the Press and the public's Evaluation of a Local Issue
This study examined the attribute agenda-setting function of the media, which refers to significant correspondence between prominent issue attributes in the media and the agenda of attributes amongExpand
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Stigmatizing Smokers: Public Sentiment Toward Cigarette Smoking and Its Relationship to Smoking Behaviors
Public sentiment in the United States has been evolving against cigarette smoking. Providing support for stronger tobacco control legislation, unfavorable public sentiment has contributed to theExpand
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Which endorser and content are most influential in Korean restaurant promotions
Abstract This study explored the influence of advertising brochures that feature endorsers and informational content for a restaurant located in a highly competitive district of Seoul, Korea, thatExpand
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Agenda-building influences on the news media's coverage of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's push to regulate tobacco, 1993-2009.
Citing agenda-building theory, this article examines the influence of three key factors on the news media's coverage of the process of placing tobacco and tobacco products under regulation of theExpand
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Tobacco Risk Information and Comparative Risk Assessment of E-Cigarettes Vs. Cigarettes: Application of the Reinforcing Spirals Model
We examine how individuals seek information about e-cigarette risk and selectively expose themselves to media sources that may provide information consistent with their existing beliefs and behaviorsExpand
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Examination of benefits sought by hiking tourists: a comparison of impact-range performance analysis and impact asymmetry analysis
ABSTRACT This study assesses the benefits of hiking for visitors to the Jeju Olle Trail on Jeju Island in Korea, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site. Data were collected from a totalExpand
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Agrawal, Binod An, Soontae Ariyanto, Amarina Asthana, Sanjay Bae, Jinah Baek, Young Min Bamezai, Gita Banks, Jack Barraclough, Peter Bentley, Clyde Beukeboom, Camiel Bhattacharjee, Anuradha Bucchi,Expand