Sehrish Minhaj

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PDGF is a growth factor and is extensively involved in multi-dimensional cellular dynamics. It switches on a plethora of molecules other than its classical pathway. It is engaged in various transitions of development; however, if the unleashed potentials lead astray, it brings forth tumourigenesis. Conventionally, it has been assumed that the components of(More)
Transient receptor potential (TRP) channels belong to a large family of cation channels and are the “border guards” predominantly localized to the plasma membrane. Research over the years has considerably and highly developed the knowledge of expression and functional aspects of the TRPM channels. A closer look at the channel dynamics has dismantled(More)
The astonishing development of broad genomics and proteomics tools have catalyzed a new era in both therapeutic interventions and nutrition in prostate cancer. The terms pharmacogenomics and nutrigenomics have been derived out of their genetic forbears as large-scale genomics technologies have been established in the last decade. It is unquestionable that(More)
Prostate cancer is a serious molecular disorder that arises because of reduction in tumour suppressors and overexpression of oncogenes. The malignant cells survive within the context of a three-dimensional microenvironment in which they are exposed to mechanical and physical cues. These signals are, nonetheless, deregulated through perturbations to(More)
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