Sehrish Kanwal

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Control and prevention of foot and mouth disease (FMD) by vaccination remains unsatisfactory in endemic countries. Indeed, consistent and new FMD epidemics in previously disease-free countries have precipitated the need for a worldwide control strategy. Outbreaks in vaccinated animals require that a new and safe vaccine be developed against foot and mouth(More)
Spleen tyrosine kinase (SYK) is a non receptor type tyrosine kinase and a known candidate tumor suppressor gene in breast carcinoma. Loss of Syk is associated with breast cancer invasion and increased cell mortality. The main goal of our study was to detect germ-line polymorphisms in SYK gene in breast cancer affected females of Pakistani origin, in order(More)
A wide array of clouds have been built and adopted by business and research communities. Similarly, many research communities use workflow environments and tools such as Taverna and Galaxy to model the execution of tasks to support and expedite the reenactment of complex processes, and ultimately support the repeatability of science. As a result, a number(More)
Computational bioinformatics workflows are extensively used to analyse genomics data, with different approaches available to support implementation and execution of these workflows. Reproducibility is one of the core principles for any scientific workflow and remains a challenge, which is not fully addressed. This is due to incomplete understanding of(More)
The sequencing of the human genome has brought about many opportunities and challenges for the realisation of personalised health. Whilst researchers are able to analyse and derive results that can be published in journals, the rigor required in moving from a research setting to a clinical setting increases dramatically. Workflows represent one way in which(More)
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