Sehraneh Ghaemi

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University course timetabling is a NP-hard problem which is very difficult to solve by conventional methods. A highly constrained combinatorial problem, like the timetable, can be solved by evolutionary methods. In this paper, among the evolutionary computation (EC) algorithms, a genetic algorithm (GA) for solving university course timetabling problems is(More)
Linguistic Geometry (LG) is a new method for decreasing the number of branches in a search tree. It is applicable for solving a variety of search problems such as path planning for a moving robot. In this paper the Linguistic Geometry is used to reduce the calculation time in real time 3D navigation of multiple robots in industrial plants.
Keywords: Load frequency control Type-2 fuzzy logic system Feedback error learning and restructure power system a b s t r a c t In this paper, the type-2 fuzzy logic system (T2FLS) controller using the feedback error learning (FEL) strategy has been proposed for load frequency control (LFC) in the restructure power system. The original FEL strategy consists(More)
—This paper deals with modeling of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) under uncertainties and evaluation of multi criteria decision making approach for online scheduling. To represent uncertain events in FMS, such as failure of machine tools, repair time, and processing time, we develop Stochastic Petri nets for constructing the FMS model. For obtaining(More)
— The study of human behavior during driving is of primary importance for the improvement of drivers' security. This study is complex because of numerous situations in which the driver may be involved. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical fuzzy system for human in a driver-vehicle-environment system to model takeover by different drivers. The driver's(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach for training of proposed recurrent hierarchical interval type-2 fuzzy neural networks (RHT2FNN) based on the square-root cubature Kalman filters (SCKF). The SCKF algorithm is used to adjust the premise part of the type-2 FNN and the weights of defuzzification and the feedback weights. The recurrence property in the(More)