Sefa Kucuk

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The major complications of inverse kinematics problem for serial robot manipulators are singularities and nonlinearities. In this context, it is important to formulize the inverse problem in a compact closed form. In this paper, we present closed form solutions of the 6-DOF industrial robot manipulators with Euler wrist using dual quaternions. The(More)
Anomaly detection refers to detecting the deviations from the normal background behavior without any prior information about the target or the background. For hyperspectral image analysis, Reed-Xiaoli (RX) algorithm is arguably the most popular anomaly detector. It models the background as a multidimensional Gaussian distribution and computes how much a(More)
An extension to the sparsity promoting iterated constrained endmember (SPICE) algorithm, named as SPICEE, has been presented. In ICE and SPICE, endmembers are estimated using a pseudoinverse method, which may generate endmembers that are not physically possible when representing normalized reflectance spectra. Although this problem can be alleviated by(More)
In this paper, online signature recognition is examined by using K Nearest Neighborhood (KNN) method. The signatures are collected by an Android application which can extract the dynamic and spatial information of the signatures. In this frame, a signature database is consisting of a total of 120 signatures taken from 12 different person. The purpose of(More)
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