Seev Neumann

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A severe problem in the processing of encrypted data is that very often, in order to perform arithmetic operations on the data, one has to convert the data back to its nonencrypted origin before performing the required operations. This paper addresses the issue of processing data that have been encrypted while the data are in an encrypted mode. It develops(More)
We developed a multidimensional definition of IT infrastructure (ITI) and applied it in exploring the perceived strategic payoffs of ITI-enabled flexibility. We began by developing a typology of theoretical approaches that can be used to organize the literature and then developed amultidimensional model by conceptualizing how flexibility can be enabled(More)
The increasing adoption of Web services is one of the most important technological trends in contemporary business organizations. This trend is motivated by claims about the ability of Web services to facilitate information technology (IT) flexibility, improve information management, and even lead to a competitive advantage. However, as the move towards Web(More)