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The grain, flour, dough and noodle making properties of Indian durum wheat varieties were evaluated. Varieties having higher grain weight had lower hardness and higher yellow pigment content. Gluten performance index showed positive correlation with α-helix and negative with intermolecular+antiparallel-β-sheets in gluten. The proportion of extracted(More)
The relationships of grain, flour solvent retention capacity (SRC) and dough rheological properties with the cookie making properties of wheat cultivars were evaluated. Cultivars with higher proportion of intermolecular-β-sheets+antiparallel β sheets and lower α-helix had greater gluten strength. The grain weight and diameter positively correlated with the(More)
Effect of extrusion parameters (banana flour, screw speed, extrusion temperature) on extrusion behaviour of corn grit extrudates were studied. Second order quadratic equations for extrusion properties as function of banana flour (BF), screwspeed (SS) and extrusion temperature (ET) were computed. BF had predominant effect on the Hunter color (L*, a*, b*)(More)
The relationships of polymeric as well as monomeric proteins (unextractable and extractable) with various flour properties amongst Indian wheat varieties were evaluated. Unextractable polymeric proteins and unextractable monomeric proteins in flours ranged from 23.83% to 51.97% and 48.03% to 76.17%, respectively. Varieties with higher grain hardness index(More)
Effect of different level (60, 120 and 180 kg N/ha) of nitrogen (N) application on protein profiling, pasting and cooking quality characteristics of milled rice from different paddy cultivars was evaluated. N dose showed positive correlation with protein content and negative correlation with L*, whiteness and amylose content. N application significantly(More)
The effect of xanthan and guar-gum on pasting and noodle-making properties of potato, corn and mung bean starches was studied. Mung bean starch showed the highest amylose content (43.4 %) followed by potato (23.2 %) and corn starch (15.5 %). Potato starch showed the highest swelling power (19.0 g/g) and solubility index (17.5 %) and exhibited the highest(More)
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