Seena L Haines

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BACKGROUND Diaper dermatitis is a common childhood affliction. Aiming to help reduce the prevalence of this problem, we have advanced in our development of a novel diaper that delivers dermatological formulations to help protect the skin from over-hydration and irritation. OBJECTIVE To determine the clinical benefits of a novel disposable diaper designed(More)
During the past 15 years, the curriculum content for nonprescription medication and self-care therapeutics has expanded significantly. Self-care courses ranging from stand-alone, required courses to therapeutic content and skills laboratories, have evolved in colleges and schools of pharmacy to accommodate rapid changes related to nonprescription(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop definitions of who pharmacy practice faculty and partners are, identify indicators to measure practice-related activities, and provide guidance for evaluating pharmacy practice faculty. METHODS A 4-round, online Delphi was conducted. Panelists with experience evaluating pharmacy practice faculty were invited. Consensus was achieved(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide evidence regarding existing partnerships between academic pharmacy and primary care that focus on training practitioners in patient-centered health care (PCHC). DATA SOURCES The report of the 2009-10 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Professional Affairs Committee identified 25 current U.S.-based examples of PCHC that(More)
Objective. To determine what processes and metrics are employed to measure and evaluate pharmacy practice faculty members at colleges and schools of pharmacy in the United States. Methods. A 23-item web-based questionnaire was distributed to pharmacy practice department chairs at schools of pharmacy fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy(More)
Objective. To identify the methods used by US colleges and schools of pharmacy to prepare student pharmacists for academic careers. Method. An 18-item survey instrument was developed and distributed to US colleges and schools of pharmacy. Representatives were asked about faculty responsibilities, experiences in academia currently offered to student(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective of this article is to provide an academic toolkit for use by colleges/schools of pharmacy to prepare student pharmacists/residents for academic careers. METHODS Through the American Association of Colleges of Pharmac (AACP) Section of Pharmacy Practice, the Student Resident Engagement Task Force (SRETF) collated teaching(More)
Purpose. In this paper we report on the first scintigraphic evaluation of vaginal dosage forms in post-menopausal women. To date, almost nothing is known about the in vivo performance of pharmaceutical formulations in the human vagina, which is a major deficiency in the rational design of drug delivery systems for both existing and new indications. Methods.(More)