Seemab Latif

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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging concept that intends to replace traditional networks by breaking vertical integration. It does so by separating the control logic of network from the underlying switches and routers, suggesting logical centralization of network control, and allowing to program the network. Although SDN promises more flexible(More)
In this paper, experiments have addressed the calculation of inter-annotator inconsistency in selecting the content in both manual and automatic summarization of sample TOEFL essays. A new finding is that the linguistic quality of source essay has a very strong correlation with the degree of disagreement among human assessors to what should be included in a(More)
Wounds represent a growing healthcare problem due to an aging population. Nurses play a key role in wound management and their theoretical understanding of basic wound management may be expected to influence the quality of wound therapy fundamentally. In this study, we evaluated the level of knowledge of wound management in 136 Danish nurses working in 3(More)
The foremost step in any Natural Language Processing system is Word Segmentation. Word segmentation means dividing a sentence into the words it consists. For this research purpose Urdu is selected because very less work has been done. In Urdu space cannot be used in marking word boundary because it is not consistently used. Urdu word segmentation is(More)
Human Computer Interactivity plays a vital role in a web application's success. A survey evaluation was undertaken of a web application prototype named "My Portfolio", directed towards the students of different universities. The aim of the survey was to find the shortcomings in the interface design, whether it followed the design principles and if the web(More)
In Pakistan, the biggest challenge is to provide high quality education to the individuals with learning disabilities. Besides the well known affordance issue, there is a lack of awareness regarding the term dyslexia and remedial teaching training that causes the identification as well as remediation of the dyslexic individuals at early stages in Pakistan.(More)