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In this paper, experiments have addressed the calculation of inter-annotator inconsistency in selecting the content in both manual and automatic summarization of sample TOEFL essays. A new finding is that the linguistic quality of source essay has a very strong correlation with the degree of disagreement among human assessors to what should be included in a(More)
The foremost step in any Natural Language Processing system is Word Segmentation. Word segmentation means dividing a sentence into the words it consists. For this research purpose Urdu is selected because very less work has been done. In Urdu space cannot be used in marking word boundary because it is not consistently used. Urdu word segmentation is(More)
Security and privacy are the first and foremost concerns that should be given special attention when dealing with Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs). As WBAN sensors operate in an unattended environment and carry critical patient health information, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is one of the major attacks in WBAN environment that not only(More)
A neurological learning disability, termed as Dyslexia, is characterized by difficulties in various aspects of writing skills making the individuals unable to develop age-appropriate and ability-appropriate functional skills. In Pakistan, lack of dyslexia awareness and remedial education training restrains the remediation of dyslexic children at early(More)