Seema Somani

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A novel superconducting single-photon detector ~SSPD!, intrinsically capable of high quantum efficiency ~up to 20%! over a wide spectral range ~ultraviolet to infrared!, with low dark counts ~,1 cps!, and fast ~,40 ps! timing resolution, is described. This SSPD has been used to perform timing measurements on complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor(More)
PURPOSE Finding the best way to capture the wavefronts of small pupils for refractive surgery has become a more pressing issue as the general population ages. This study explores whether pharmaceutical dilation impacts wavefront measurement and pupil centroid. METHODS Baseline measurements were performed on 32 eyes using the VISX WaveScan Wavefront(More)
PURPOSE The optical quality of retinal images is dependent on the refracting elements of the eye including the nominally aspheric cornea and crystalline lens. This paper presents a retrospective theoretical analysis of the impact of corneal asphericity on the quality of retinal images. Clinical data are from the VISX Incorporated CustomVue IDE. METHOD(More)
PURPOSE Currently, refractive surgical excimer laser systems are calibrated by ablating plastic lenses, which are measured by lensometer and analyzed by a technician. The accuracy of this method is approximately 0.25 diopters (D) in sphere and cylinder power. Theoretically, objective calibration using wavefront technology would be significantly more(More)
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