Seema M Shroff

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Galactocerebroside (GalC) and sulfatide are abundant myelin lipids. In mice incapable of synthesizing these lipids, myelin is thin and regionally unstable and exhibits several subtle structural abnormalities. Although galactolipid-null mice have been beneficial in the analysis of galactolipid function, it has not been possible to differentiate between the(More)
The galactolipids galactocerebroside and sulfatide have been implicated in oligodendrocyte (OL) development and myelin formation. Much of the early evidence for myelin galactolipid function has been derived from antibody and chemical perturbation of OLs in vitro. To determine the role of these lipids in vivo, we previously characterized mice lacking(More)
Stability of the myelin-axon unit is achieved, at least in part, by specialized paranodal junctions comprised of the neuronal heterocomplex of contactin and contactin-associated protein and the myelin protein neurofascin 155. In multiple sclerosis, normal distribution of these proteins is altered, resulting in the loss of the insulating myelin and(More)
We have used fluorescent dextran tracers to test the tightness of the paranodal junction of living or fixed myelinated fibers in mouse sciatic nerve. Both 3 and 70 kDa tracers are able to penetrate from the perinodal space symmetrically into the paranodes on either side of the node of Ranvier at a rate consistent with diffusion through an elongated helical(More)
Myelinated nerve fibers have evolved to optimize signal propagation. Each myelin segment is attached to the axon by the unique paranodal axoglial junction (PNJ), a highly complex structure that serves to define axonal ion channel domains and to direct nodal action currents through adjacent nodes. Surprisingly, this junction does not entirely seal the(More)
Bilateral Renal papillary necrosis due to candida infection in a Diabetic patient presenting as Anuria. Bilateral Renal papillary necrosis due to candida infection in a Diabetic patient presenting as Anuria. Recurrence of oxalosis in isolated renal allograft recipient. Effect of hydroalcoholic extract of aerial parts of Leucas aspera (willd.) Link on(More)
Fluorescent dextran tracers of varying sizes have been used to assess paranodal permeability in myelinated sciatic nerve fibers from control and three "myelin mutant" mice, Caspr-null, cst-null, and shaking. We demonstrate that in all of these the paranode is permeable to small tracers (3 kDa and 10 kDa), which penetrate most fibers, and to larger tracers(More)
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