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The estimation of dynamically evolving ellipsoids from noisy lower-dimensional projections is examined. In particular, this work describes a model-based approach using geometric reconstruction and recursive estimation techniques to obtain a dynamic estimate of left-ventricular ejection fraction from a gated set of planar myocardial perfusion images. The(More)
This paper introduces a simple new approach to object recognition from silhouettes. This new approach utilizes features extracted using an adaptive approximation technique called high-resolution pursuit (HRP). In this work, a comparatively small set of HRP features and a simple recognition scheme are used. We demonstrate the strengths of the HRP-based(More)
1. Descriptive Statistics Statistics is a set of procedures for gathering, measuring, classifying, computing, describing, synthesizing, analyzing, and interpreting systematically acquired quantitative data. Statistics has major two components: the Descriptive Statistics and the Inferential Statistics. Descriptive Statistics gives numerical and graphic(More)
Biological control of plant pathogens is receiving increasing relevance, as compared to chemical methods, as they are eco-friendly, economical and indirectly improve plant quality and yield attributes. An investigation was undertaken to evaluate the potential of antagonistic cyanobacteria (Anabaena variabilis RPAN59 and A. oscillarioides RPAN69) fortified(More)
A wide variety of diseases affect the dentate nuclei. When faced with the radiological demonstration of signal changes in the dentate nuclei, radiologists and clinical neurologists have to sieve through the many possibilities, which they do not encounter on a regular basis. This task can be challenging, and therefore, developing a clinical, radiological,(More)