Seema H. Jadhav

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The present investigation has been carried out on the influence of various concentrations of salicylic acid (SA) on the germination performance of groundnut seeds of cv. W-55, W-44, TAG and SB-11. The groundnut cultivars W-44, TAG and SB-11 showed significant germination by SA application over control. In cv. W-55 all the imposed SA concentrations increased(More)
Content based image retrieval system is a fast growing research area, where the visual content of a query image is used to search images from large scale image databases. In this proposed an effective system, both the semantically and visually relevant features are used to retrieve the related images. The challenge for the CBIR system is how to efficiently(More)
One of the most important processes in image processing is image retrieval. The main process of image retrieval is retrieval of image from the database based on the query. Basically, retrieval is done based on low level features such as shape, texture and colour. If a shape based query image is given, all images related to the given query image are(More)
In many morphological shape decomposition algorithms, either a shape can only be decomposed into shape components of extremely simple forms or a time consuming search process is employed to determine decomposition. In our paper, we present a morphological shape approximation algorithm that decomposes a two dimensional (2D) binary shape into a collection of(More)
— Recently, Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) plays a significant role in the image processing field..The construction of large datasets has been facilitated by the developments in data storage and image acquisition technologies. In order to manage these datasets in an efficient manner development of suitable information systems are necessary. Based on(More)
A three phase digital energy meter developed using Digital Signal Processor (DSP), for measurement of energy consumed by three phase load, ensures energy conservation and maintains high accuracy. This paper presents a simple and cost effective design of three phase digital energy meter, without compromising the power measurement quality. It uses a voltage(More)
Nanolithography is the art and science of etching, writing, or printing at the nanoscopic level, in which the dimensions of characters are on the order of nanometers. The direct physical interactions between the atomic-force microscopy (AFM) tip and the sample allow local surface modification, allowing use of the AFM tip for scanning-probe lithography.(More)
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