Seema Ali Bhat

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Bcl-2 proteins represent a rheostat that controls cellular viability. Obatoclax, a BH3-mimetic, has been designed to specifically target and counteract anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 proteins. We evaluated the biological effects of obatoclax on the anti-tumour activity of rituximab and chemotherapy agents. Obatoclax induced cell death of(More)
IMPORTANCE OF THE FIELD A significant number of patients relapse or do not respond to rituximab due to intrinsic or acquired resistance. Hence, mAbs targeting other cell surface antigens on B-cell lymphomas are being studied. CD80 is a glycoprotein expressed on Hodgkin's lymphoma, mature B-cell lymphomas and immunoeffector cells which may have T-regulatory,(More)
A 46-year-old woman with a medical history of a multinodular goiter presented to the department of dermatology with extensive yellow papules and nodules surrounding both eyelids that had developed over the past 3 years. A skin biopsy was done that showed chronic granulomatous dermal inflammation and foreign body giant reaction consistent with juvenile(More)
Interdigitating dendritic cell sarcoma (IDCS) is an extremely rare dendritic cell tumor with slightly more than 100 cases reported in the English literature. This report discusses a case of localized IDCS involving cervical lymph nodes and provides a literature review of clinicopathologic aspects and treatment outcomes.
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