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Micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS) have been developed for a broad range of applications including: optical switching, optical data storage, imaging, bar code reading and beam steering for free-space optical communications. One vital component of these systems, the out-of-plane micromirror, is required for any redirection of light. The challenge(More)
A novel electrothermal micro-actuator capable of actuation after being rotated 90 • out of plane is presented. The actuator is fabricated and characterized using the Micragem silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process developed by Micralyne Inc. The actuator is designed to be rotated out of plane by means of a serpentine spring design that provides electrical(More)
The authors present the first reported free space tunable beam expander produced in the PolyMUMPs process that can be assembled using an automated prober. The optical system consists of an optic fiber guide and two Fresnel zone plates. One Fresnel zone plate is fixed to the substrate whereas the other is attached to an adjustable platform. The platform has(More)
A new micromachining technique is described in this paper for polymer MEMS process. By using spin-on glass (SOG) as the underlying sacrificial layer, existing SU-8 micromachining processing has been enhanced to allow for metallization, patterning, as well as post-development hard baking of SU-8 structures. Chemical compatibility of the SOG sacrificial layer(More)
This work describes a micromachining process consisting of a single Polymethylglutarimide structural layer. Release of the structures is performed using a XeF<sub>2</sub> bulk silicon etch and electrical excitation is provided by a patterned metal layer. A full description of the process is given along with a discussion of the results of the fabrication(More)
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