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The retinoblastoma susceptibility gene product (pRb) plays an important role in constraining cellular proliferation and in regulating the cell cycle. The pRb inhibits transcription of genes involved in growth control (reviewed in ref. 3) and can regulate transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF-beta 1) gene expression. TGF-beta isoforms also down-regulate(More)
A value of 1.7 x 10(-3) has been reported for the ratio of CH3D to CH4 in the stratosphere of the saturnian moon Titan. A lower value of 6 x 10(-4) for this ratio in the deeper part of Titan's atmosphere was reported by de Bergh et al. For comparison we note that the CH3D to CH4 ratio on Saturn and Jupiter is 8.7 x 10(-5) and 6.7 x 10(-5), respectively. We(More)
A new numerical algorithm of finite element methods is presented to solve high Deborah number flow problems with geometric singularities. The steady inertialess planar 4:1 contraction flow is chosen for its test. As a viscoelastic constitutive equation, we have applied the globally stable (dissipative and Hadamard stable) Leonov model that can also properly(More)
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