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In the present study, gasification of biodiesel by-product, crude glycerin, was performed in an entrained flow gasifier. Gasification was conducted in a temperature range of 950-1500 degrees C and excess air ratio of 0.17-0.7 for air or oxygen as a gasification agent. From the results, syngas heating value, carbon conversion and cold gas efficiency of more(More)
The catalytic cracking of oilsand bitumen was performed over nanoporous materials at atmospheric conditions. The yield of gas increased with application of nanoporous catalysts, with the catalytic conversion to gas highest for Meso-MFI. The cracking activity seemed to correlate with pore size rather than weak acidity or surface area.
Catalytic fast pyrolysis of waste rice husk was carried out using pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry [Py-GC/MS]. Meso-MFI zeolite [Meso-MFI] was used as the catalyst. In addition, a 0.5-wt.% platinum [Pt] was ion-exchanged into Meso-MFI to examine the effect of Pt addition. Using a catalytic upgrading method, the activities of the catalysts were(More)
A simple and reliable method based on thermogravimetric analysis has been developed for determining triacylglycerol content in Chlorella sp. KR-1. There are two decomposing steps during pyrolysis of the microalgal cells and the second step of weight loss may be attributed to degradation and volatilization of triacylglycerols. The second peak height in the(More)
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