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[The antitoxic function of the liver in D-galactosamine poisoning].
Two intragastric administrations of 500 mg/kg of D-galactosamine reduce the RNA and the cytochrome P-45, and b5 content in the hepatic microsomes of rats; inhibit the activity ofExpand
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[The correction with hepatic protectors of structural metabolic disorders in the liver in D-galactosamine poisoning].
: The hepatoprotective agents silybinin, essentiale and eplir (the complex of phospholipids and caratinoids from the mud) prevent in D-galactosamine-induced intoxication of rats the development ofExpand
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Hepatotropic action of benzobamil in CCl4 poisoning
: The administration of an antiepileptic drug--benzobamilum-to rats with CCl4-induced hepatitis prevents the development of liver parenchyma necrosis, promotes the retention of normal enzyme activityExpand