Sedki M. Riad

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The encouraging results of an earlier controlled field trial of the serogroup A meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine in the prevention of clinical disease prompted this study, the aim of which was to evaluate further the effectiveness of another lot of this type of vaccine, the duration of immunity, and the effectiveness against meningococcal carriage. A(More)
PLS is a disease of the UMN, distinguished from ALS in prognosis and absence of LMN signs. We present, to our knowledge, the first conventional MR imaging visualization of the callosal motor segment, a concept previously supported by primate models, electrophysiologic studies, and postmortem examinations. Modification of the Witelson topographic scheme of(More)
Increasing the number of processors has become the mainstream for the modern chip design approaches. On the other hand, most applications are designed or written for single core processors; so they do not benefit from the underlying computation resources. Moreover, there exists a large base of legacy software which requires an immense effort and cost of(More)
Stool specimens of 100 cases attending the outpatient clinic of Cairo Medical Center Hospital suffering from gastro-intestinal disturbances were examined for intestinal parasites by direct smear, trichrome stained smear and formol ethyl acetate concentration methods. Although formol ethyl acetate concentration method gave the best results (45%), followed by(More)
Efficient coupling of energy in and out of a resonator can significantly enhance its performance, particularly when used for dielectric characterization of materials. In this paper, a new microstrip resonator is introduced, which uses fork-shaped feed elements for improving the coupling efficiency. The proposed resonator is studied both experimentally and(More)
(ABSTRACT) Parametric instability processes are thought to produce Stimulated Electromagnetic Emissions (SEE) during ionospheric heating experiments. The phenomenon is primarily attributed to plasma turbulence excited by the high frequency HF heater in the altitude region where the pump frequency ω 0 is near the plasma upper hybrid frequency ω uh. In this(More)
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