Sedigh Bayegan

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We compared the efficacy of single six mg/kg and 2x3 mg/kg caspofungin doses to the traditional one mg/kg daily against C. albicans in a neutropenic murine model. In lethality experiments, all regimens improved survival (p<0.0014 for all three isolates); differences among the treated groups were not statistically significant. We calculated kidney fungal(More)
Caspofungin and nikkomycin Z (NIK) efficacy alone and in combination were tested against seven Candida species showing or not showing paradoxical growth (PG) against caspofungin in time-kill test in RPMI-1640. Selected isolates against caspofungin and NIK were also tested in 50% serum. PG was always eliminated by NIK as well as by serum. In the serum, 1 and(More)
We investigated the activity of caspofungin against a Candida tropicalis clinical isolate showing paradoxical growth in vitro. BALB/c mice immunosuppressed by cyclophosphamide were infected intraperitoneally using 107 CFU/mouse. Caspofungin was administered intraperitoneally once daily for 5 days or as a single dose using the following doses: 0.12, 0.25, 1,(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of fluconazole (FLU), amphotericin B (AMB) and caspofungin (CAS) was tested against three Candida orthopsilosis, three C. metapsilosis and two C. parapsilosis sensu stricto isolates in neutropenic mice. METHODS Mice were immunosuppressed by 200 mg/kg cyclophosphamide. Five-day intraperitoneal treatment was started 24 h after(More)
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